Clemency Burton-Hill: Classical Music for Every Day


Friday 17 November 7.30pm at Burgh House

  • Clemency Burton-Hill
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Clemency Burton-Hill, BBC presenter, writer and musician, talks about her new book, Year of Wonder: Classical Music for Every Day.

Have you ever heard a piece of music so beautiful it stops you in your tracks? Or wanted to discover more about classical music but had no idea where to begin?
Classical music has a reputation for being difficult to understand and largely inaccessible to those who aren't already 'in the know'. Writer, broadcaster and musician Clemency Burton-Hill fiercely rejects this notion, believing the only entry criteria for a life-enhancing relationship with classical music is ears. She wants everyone, irrespective of background or education, to feel welcome at the classical party, and her deep love for the art form and desire to share its diverse wonders with others has inspired her to curate this unique and eclectic musical treasury. Running from January 1 to December 31, Year of Wonder presents daily amazing works from the medieval era to the present. Even the busiest among us, Clemmie believes, can find time to listen to a piece a day - and, like a regular dose of meditation or mindfulness, such music might just inspire, nourish and enrich our lives in unexpected ways.

Signed copies of Year of Wonder will be available on the night.



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